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You Select from the Top Film Brands in 2019film manufacturers

Your Professional Film Installers adhere to the International Standard for Visual Quality
 If you are unhappy with the finished job you refer to the international standard
- should the workmanship not be up to standard the film is replaced at our cost - no argument

Brisbane - Sydney - CanberraMelbourne Adelaide Perth
Plus some regional centres

You will be offered the Lowest Priced Films in Australia


"How can we offer the Top Film Brands,
the Highest Installation Standard,
and the Lowest Price In Australia

The Answer is WEBQUOTE: Online Job Costing 

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Like others in the industry, we can offer you a FREE QUOTE in your home or office, and at a similar total installed cost
... you can book a Free Quote here, now


BUT, a Free Quote does not mean the sales rep drives to your place, measures your windows and quotes your job for nothing
15% sales commission is added to the price
When you accept the quote, the sales rep is paid $134 in commission on the average size tint job in Australia
... some people look for ways to save money ...

In 2008 we introduced WebQuote: No Sales Rep - No Sales Commission - No Wasted Time 

Many people are happy to measure their own windows and save 15%
... and we can boast we have the lowest prices in Australia

However, twice over the past 10 years the WebQuote price has been beaten. So, to cover this embarrassing eventuality in the future and maintain lowest price bragging rights, the boss made a Lowest Price Promise that can't be beaten

price match plus 51WebQuote has the lowest window film prices in Australia. BUT if you are quoted a price that is less than the WebQuote price, then Price Match Plus $51 applies - and our price is still the lowest by $51. The boss decided not to lamely match a lower price - but beat it by $51 and FREE courier delivery of the film  (worth $20). 

The Boss doesn't like to be beaten - see our lowest price promise conditions

Why WebQuote?

1. No Sales Reps - NO WAITING

2. No Sales Commission - SAVE MONEY
- receive the sales commisssion as a discount

3. Convenience - SAVE TIME
- No appointment needed. WebQuote is ready when your are. Get price NOW


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How to WebQuote?


  1. You measure your windows - height and width of each pane of glass (See our WorkSheet for instructions on how to measure your windows and to record the measurements for WebQuote) 
  2. You click the WebQuote button, select the film type and choose the film you want. You can request we post you film samples.
  3. When you have completed the WebQuote you are emailed a quote - Here is an example of a WebQuote email itemising the window film price and the cost of installation
  4. You  follow the link in the WebQuote email and place the film order on-line - we pre-cut the film 20mm larger than your measurements and courier it to you.
  5. The film installer calls you to arrange a day and time for installation (unless you selected DIY installation).
  6. You pay the film installer for the installation on job completion


 Comparison Shopping

Many people use our site to compare price. 

The local tint shop has given them a quote and they want to be sure they are getting a good deal.

They do a WebQuote and are pleasantly  surprised by our price on the same film.

  • Sydney customer saved over $355, another in
  • Brisbane saved over $195 and a
  • Melbourne customer saved over $280 on the same film 

If you want to save money on window tinting you would be foolish not to WebQuote and compare our price

And if you do find a lower price, the boss will beat it by $51 under the Lowest Price Promise

- Either way you're a winner -



Need help to choose the Best Film for your job?

Get some expert advice on "How to choose the best film for the job?"


Celebrating 20 years of tinting windows - trust Tintplus? - sure can   

Celebrating 25 years in 2019  


Why do people choose Us?

Highest Quality Window Film at the Lowest Installed Cost 

  1. Highest Quality film - The top film brands manufactured to the highest standard  in ISO 9001:2000 Quality Certified factories
     - Most films are backed by a manufacturers Lifetime Warranty to the film purchaser
  2. Energy Rated - Window film performance data has been independently tested and verified as true
  3. Lowest Price in Australia - Our glass tinting prices are published on-line so you can compare
    - Our unique Lowest Price Promise ensures customers always receive the lowest price - even if a lower price than WebQuote is found customers will be offered a $50 discount on the lowest price.
  4. Film installed to the International Standard - Yes, there is an international standard for window film installation and that is what our customers receive. 
    - It gives our customers peace of mind to know in advance of booking a job the quality of workmanship they will receive and a basis for assessing the quality of their job should they be dissatisfied. The international standard is the agreed basis against which our work can be evaluated on job completion. If we fall short of the standard, we replace the film.
  5. Experienced - We have been around for a while and we know what we are doing...

Trust. Many people have come to rely on us over the years, including:

Administrative Appeals Tribunal 
Qld Dept of Health 
Prince Charles Hospital 
Redlands Hospital
Queen Elizabeth II Hospital
Qld Dept of Justice
Brisbane Magistrates Court
Qld Dept of Primary Industries
Qld Dept of Public Works
QLD Eye Hospital
Queensland Ambulance Service
Queensland Fire and Rescue
Brisbane City Council Logan City Council