Film Buyers Checklist

How to avoid a costly mistake?

 Decide your priorities - what you want the film to do - what is the problem you want to solve

    • Our short paper "How to choose the "right" film for the job?" will help you to identify films that will best achieve your objectives

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Choose a film that is energy rated. Why is this important?

wers filmThe Windows Energy Rating Scheme (WERS) was established to protect customers against unscrupulous operators and unsubstantiated film performance claims. If the performance data of a film has not been independently tested and verified as true (ie listed on the WERS website here) you are taking a risk if you buy it. 

Mandatory disclosure of energy efficiency at time of property sale or lease began in November 2010 for commercial buildings and the Government announced that it will be extended to residential building (homes) in the future - You will need to get an energy audit before you sell.

What is Energy Rating?

  • An energy rated film means that the film performance claimed by the manufacturer has been independently tested and verified as true.
    • Prior to the energy rating of window films, even the most reputable manufacturers tended to exaggerate the percentage of heat blocked by the film (sometimes by up to 25%).
      • While exaggerated performance claims is no longer a concern with WERS rated films from the major manufacturers, most of the cheaper films sold in Australia have not been energy rated.
      • Customers need to be aware that the performance claims of unrated films may not be true. 

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